2016 Attendee Map

Who attended Building Bridges 2016? The interactive map below represents conference participants from across the northwest: 6 states + Canada, 65 institutions, and over 370 attendees! Each dot on the map indicates an institution from which participants attended. 

  • Use the zoom controls to get closer or further away - zoom will appear in the pop-up menu when you float your mouse over the map.
  • Access to the Pan tool can be found under the pop-up menu. Hover over the right arrow and select the 4-way arrow to enable panning on the map.
  • See only a specific institution - choose one from the list at left and that institution will become the focus.
  • Hover your cursor over a selected institution to see a pop-up with more information, including the name of the institution and number of attendees.
  • If you are in single institution view, click anywhere back on the map to restore comprehensive  view.
  • You can even download a PDF of the map, a list of the data, or a simple image file by choosing the Download link.